creative direction + writing + photography

Using bespoke words + pictures and a lot of motivational energy, I provide creative direction for small businesses and creative projects; from writing copy, designing websites, advising on brand/logo design, coaching in social media as well as content creation photography for use on the web, social media and in printed press.

Whether you own a small business or a start-up creative project or you're about to get married, I can help you get started, launch and celebrate in style.


Pictures: I use a Nikon D7000 camera with a combo of fixed and zoom lenses. My collection {so far} includes 50 mm/f1.8 + 85 mm/f1.8 fixed and a 18-105mm/5.6G + zooms.

Words: I use a fast desktop loaded with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver + Office plus an all-important external hard-drive backup.


I'm an inspired and inquiring-minded gumboot-wearing aesthete who loves nothing more than to capture in words and pictures the authentic beauty + joie de vivre of everyday life + love + human endeavour.

I was born into a sixth-generation beef and wool farming family that first settled in the pastoral lands surrounding foodie town Kyneton in the 1800s. Education and the pursuit of a career took me to the city where I completed a BA (Hons), an MA and a PhD at The University of Melbourne.

Whilst I loved my daily promenade beneath the canopy of the University's leafy grounds and stately architecture and relished the opportunity to open my mind to amazing ideas and inspiring people, I yearned for a studio of my own, fresh country air, re-connection to my homeland and to a view that would feed my soul and help remove the academic lens that had attached itself to my words and creativity.

So, I returned to the world of open fires, family, fresh air, rolling hills, veggie gardens, cows and chooks.

I now live with my husband, ‘AJW Esq.', at Crofters Fold our small country Estate where we grow luxurious peonies and roses for events + weddings + cut-flower market, produce a limited-edition sparkling wine, grow our own farmhouse veg including a bountiful annual crop of hand-sown, hand-weeded + hand-harvested Crofters Fold Garlic. Farmhouse Goodness!

Life has turned full circle and I’m back where my soul has been waiting for me all along – in the country.

Contact me for rates and details.